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Die Veranstalter

Hofgenossenschaft Stiftsgut Liebertwolkwitz eG + Interessenverein Voelkerschlacht b. Leipzig 1813 e.V.

Die Termine 2016

  • 06.Juli - "Hof-Sommer"
  • 12.August - "Sommertheater"
  • 11.September - "Tag des off. Denkmals"
  • 16.September - "Altweibersommer"
  • 21.-23. Oktober 2016 - "Liebdorf 1813"
  • 03.Oktober - "Tag der Kuhweide"
  • 15.Oktober - "Patrouillen-Ritt"
  • 24.November - "Hofgespräch beim Grembler"
  • 10./11.Dezember - "Hof-Advent"
  • 31.Dezember - "Silvesterfeier MS"

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Die Unterstützung

Die Werbung

Völkerschlacht 1813 -ein Dorf geht auf Zeitreise  Maien-Markt in Liebertwolkwitz  Oktober 1813 - die Erste!  Oktober 1813 - die Zweite!  Oktober 1813 - die Dritte!

Der Handel

Das Zitat

"Wer von Anfang an genau weiß, wohin sein Weg führt, wird es nie weit bringen." ~ (Napoleon I. Bonaparte, 1769-1821)

Via Regia

Die Verweise

Dear Visitors

Here you can watch, listen, and read all about preparations for the 200 Year Anniversary of the Battle of Nations which will take place in Leipzig 2013.

Every October a whole village travels back in time to relive, "Liebertwolkwitz-the way it really was," in the areas surrounding Leipzig during the Battle of Nations.

You're invited to enjoy historical reenactments and hear some of the local history from right where it happened on the historical Market square and in the connecting courtyards.

"Meet and interact" with villagers who were living in Liebertwolkwitz in 1813, from preacher to teacher, tradesman to restaurant proprietor to farmer, and even the Mayor and Judge.

Soldiers of the other nations will also be quartered in Liebertwolkwitz, sleeping on hay sacks in barns and in attics just the way they were in 1813.

Lively hustle and bustle will surround you in the courtyards, in the old sheds and dark cellars. Farmers and tradesmen hard at work, a handcart rumbles over the village road, the clink of the blacksmith's hammer can be heard from all around...

Enjoy a hearty meal with a freshly tapped beer or a delicious wine.

Little ones will enjoy listening to fairytales in the cozy grain loft, making their own stick pony, playing historical games, do pottery or weaving, petting the animals or even just tumbling around in the straw. Children will love traveling back in time to enjoy an entertaining and educational journey to the year 1813.

You're invited to visit Liebertwolkwitz in October of this year as well. Just close your eyes as we travel back in time to 1813

Liebertwolkwitz - a village in the year 1813:

October 21-23, 2016

1813   The Battle of the Nations in Leipzig

2016   The people of the nations return to Liebertwolkwitz

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